About EFS

Eastchester Family Services provides preventive strategies through its range of family-based programs. In-home Family Services teach consumers various techniques in Anger Management and how to control their emotions. They also learn to negotiate and develop solutions by communicating, compromising and using diplomacy, which results in appropriate resolution to problems.

We provide parenting classes designed to support and educate parents on ways to improve their parenting skills, and social interaction with their families. In addition, special emphasis is placed on teaching specific techniques for each individual families needs, as well as anger and frustration management.

Individual, family and group psycho-therapy is offered to children, teens, and adults - typically in their home or community. A culturally relevant methodology is utilized in addressing inter-personal psycho-social problematic issues with the purpose of increasing individual and family functioning. Eastchester offers group therapy to address stressors, including emotional and behavioral disorders in all populations/groups.

Primary Goals

  • 1

    ImprovementTo identify and implement services designed to improve the well being and quality of life of children and families.
  • 2

    LinkageLink quality Clinicians and Family Advocates to provide consumers with best opportunity to increase social, educational and psychological abilities.