• Core ServicesConsumer receives assessment, psychological and/or psychiatric evaluation, individualized service plan and start services with counselors and family advocates. Services include community support, individual/family therapy, skills training and groups.
  • Community ResourcesEFS participates in the Positive Behavior Comprehensive and Support Program as a partnership with Atlanta Public Schools Office of Student Programs and Support Services. This program is designed to provide a comprehensive network of services to help maximize the potential of students and provide counseling and support advocacy.
  • Comprehensive Child and Family AssessmentsOur agency is a certified Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment (CCFA) independent provider in Georgia.
  • Wrap Around Services (WAS)The purpose of Wrap Around Services is to demonstrate improved outcomes in the safety, permanency and well-being of children and families. WAS includes parenting, therapy, transportation, behavior modification and mentor services.
  • Individual and Family CounselingEffective counseling in depression, anxiety, substance abuse, marriage and parenting.
  • Psychiatric and Psychological EvaluationPsychiatric and Psychological testing is utilized to accurately diagnose psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, etc.

Applying Our Services

  • AOur Vision
    We protect youth by providing therapeutic support for the safety and well-being needs of youth, with their families, friends, and communities. We aim to provide to positive development in educating and empowering the adolescents and families we assist.
  • BPhilosophical Approach
    We strive to collaboratively work with others to strengthen the assets, hopes, and dreams of our consumers by using evidence-based, person-centered practices and designing promising approaches that are informed by youth and family voices.
  • COur Strategy
    EFS uses an inclusive, collaborative positive youth development approach as the foundation for development. This strategy connects each youth and community member's role, responsibilities, and contributions to survive and thrive.
  • DOur Goal
    We identify and implement services designed to improve the well being of children and families. EFS links quality Clinicians and Family Advocates to provide consumers with the best opportunity to increase social , educational and psychological abilities.

Online services